Portable wifi at Room Mate Hotels

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Is there anything more annoying than not having internet when you’re on holiday? It’s just the WORST. Yeah you have access to the internet in the hotel you’re staying at but what happens when you go out and about to see the city or venture to the beach to top up your tan? There are no uploads to Instagram or Facebook check ins, or even using Google Maps to find out where you are and where you’re going.

But things are changing because Room Mate Hotels has introduced free citywide portable wifi in all of its hotels throughout the United States and Europe, meaning guests can use their phone and all their apps the same as they would at home while abroad. AMAZING. Why had no one thought of this sooner?

This is how it works. WiMate is a service that Room Mate launched a year ago worldwide and it’s a mini router in which guests can connect up to 5 devices and enjoy 100mb of high speed internet per day. Not only do guests of Room Mate Hotels have free wifi within their hotel, they now also have free wifi outside of their hotel too. Just perfect.

These are a selection of the mini routers –

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For some people part of the enjoyment of going on holiday is switching off and being able to put down their phone for two weeks, while others want to document their time away and still connect with friends and family back home which is why this really simple and obviously needed amenity is one of the best added benefits a hotel has offered in a long time. I stayed at the Room Mate Hotel in Amsterdam and loved all the small touches because they really sre great and well thought out, but I would 100% stay at a Room Mate Hotel again based solely on their portable wifi. The whole concept and idea is just perfect. See you soon Room Mate.


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