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That Adventurer is a travel blog which aims to inspire people to try new things and see the adventure in the everyday. And Hannah, the writer behind the blog, has been lucky enough to travel from an early age with her earliest travel memory being climbing up Mount Vesuvius in jelly shoes (remember those?) aged six. Not your usual travel blog, That Adventurer is all about going off the beaten path, living with locals and discovering the real side of a country. It’s about accepting challenges and learning new things whether that be a language, a recipe or a dance, and although the majority of us go on holiday to escape and chill out, maybe it’s time to open our minds and try something new. Hannah is the first adventure blogger to take part in the Hotel Q&A so let’s see what she looks for when she needs some down time and space to relax.

What’s your must have hotel amenity?

I’m pretty easy when it comes to hotels, as long as there’s a bed I’m good! However, a kettle with some tea and coffee goes down really well!

What hotel could you happily return to again and again?

I’ve just got back from an amazing weekend in Snowdonia where I stayed in this lovely cottage. It had a great view and was a truly luxurious experience! The owners had left Prosecco, chocolates and scones for us to enjoy and the entire cottage was so beautifully designed. I never wanted to leave!

For you, what makes a great hotel?

One where the staff seems happy to have you and are welcoming. I also love hotels that have incredible views whether that be of the sea (my favourite!), or skyline vistas which are always great at night when everything’s lit up and sparkling!

What is your welcome amenity of choice?

Prosecco always goes down a treat, although the idea of one single chocolate on the pillow has always enticed me.

What are your basic expectations for every hotel?

Cleanliness, especially in the bathroom. No one wants to see stray hairs in the shower!

Which hotel has the wow factor for you?

Hotels with amazing views are what do it for me. Whether that be a sea view like this hotel I stayed in on Ilha Grande in Brazil or the chance to see the Northern Lights from your bed by staying in these Finnish igloos!

Ilha Grande, island, brazil, hannah, blogger, that adventurer

Ilha Grande

Hotel wifi – do you ever pay for it?

I’m very unlikely to pay for hotel wifi. I’d much rather find a coffee shop, grab a coffee and use their free wifi than sit in my room and have to pay for it.

Do you use hotel minibars or avoid them like the plague?

I use them as a fridge if I buy myself a drink or some snacks, but I’m too put off by the inflated prices to really use them.

Luxury to one person may not be luxury to another. How do you define it in relation to hotels?

On a recent stay in Snowdonia luxury for me was the wood burning fire, the softest bed sheets I’ve ever slept in, a huge spa bath and Prosecco, chocolates and homemade scones on arrival. Oh, and not forgetting the big, fluffy white dressing gowns to snuggle up in in the evening!

Do you generally stay in budget, design, standard or luxury hotels?

I’ve moved more towards using Airbnb in the past 6 months of so. It started when I was in Brazil for the World Cup where even the worst of hostels were ridiculously expensive. I decided to try Airbnb throughout Brazil and have since used it in Argentina, Romania and Wales. Airbnb is great as it’s usually a lot cheaper than hotels but you can still get the luxury aspects and the special touches. It’s also great having a whole house to yourself in somewhere perhaps more remote than the hotels would choose to be.

Do you prefer boutique or chain properties?

I prefer boutique hotels to chain ones just as they provide something a little different, whether that be more interesting rooms or more thoughtful service. Having said that chain hotels definitely have their perks such as regular sales and discounts and you know what to expect.

If/when something goes wrong during your stay, do you complain or grin and bear it?

I’m someone who tends to just grin and bear things, unless they’re really, really bad. My boyfriend, who travels with me, is normally the one responsible for sorting out the problems I moan about but don’t want to complain about! However, the only time something’s been really bad was when we first arrived in Bolivia after a very long and tiring bus journey. We wandered about for a while trying to find a hotel and ended up somewhere a bit grimy. It was only for a night though and we were almost too tired to care! / / /

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