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The very first person I met when I started blogging was Laura from Little Travel Bee. We both attended a travel blog event at ICEBAR London in late 2013 and ended up ordering a drink at the bar at the same time. Neither of us knew anyone else at the event, got chatting and have been firm friends ever since. Laura is not only a travel blogger but also a travel planner and has travelled extensively around Europe and further afield, in fact since I’ve known her I don’t think there’s been a time when there hasn’t been an upcoming trip of some sort her diary. This year Laura’s travels take her to Malaysia, Cambodia, Vietnam and China with plenty more trips in between so sit back, relax, and check out Hotel Q&A with… Little Travel Bee.

What’s your must have hotel amenity? 

I’m not all that fussy but being a blogger (and addicted to my iPhone!) wifi is up there although I can live without it (just!).

What’s the most creative or quirky hotel amenity you’ve come across? And did you like it?

Not exactly a hotel or an amenity but the Jailhouse accommodation in Christchurch, New Zealand, was a prison up until 1999. I got to sleep in a cell and given my day job in criminal justice I loved this. There is a similar hotel in Oxford called Malmaison which I’d love to stay at.

What hotel could you happily return to again and again? 

I absolutely love Watergate Bay in Cornwall and have been twice now. It’s located on the beach so has amazing views. I love the beach hut style decor and the choice of food is great. The surf is good too!

Watergate Bay, views, Cornwall, sea, beach

Watergate Bay views

For you, what makes a great hotel?

For me, Watergate Bay made me feel right at home. I’d never experienced staying in a hotel room before that actually felt like it could be my own bedroom (albeit much nicer!).

Watergate Bay, decor, hotel, Cornwall, UK, beach, bedroom, room

Watergate Bay decor

What is your welcome amenity of choice?

I’m easily pleased but when in Myanmar (Burma) getting a cold towel and a refreshing fruit juice on arrival was heaven after being out in the heat.

Do you interact with hotels on social media before arrival?

Before blogging never but now I will often say I’m looking forward to my stay with them.

In your opinion which hotel is continuously great at social media?

Watergate Bay always tweets amazing photographs of the beach which makes me just want to head back there… now!

What are your basic expectations for every hotel?


Which hotel has the wow factor for you? 

I recently had a tour around Ham Yard in London and I just love the style and decor. Kit Kemp has done a great job and I’d love to stay in their New York hotel.

Hotel wifi – do you ever pay for it?

I don’t like paying for it but I have, especially in India when I wanted to update my family/friends that I was still alive!

What is your hotel pet peeve?

Rude staff.

Is there a maximum you’ll spend per night on a hotel?

It depends on the type of trip and occasion. I’ve been known to spend as little as £15 a night to nearly £300. On big trips like my planned trip to Vietnam and Cambodia in the summer, I will probably mix it up splashing out on a nice place at the end of my holiday.

What’s an absolute hotel no no?

Finding hairs in the bed and bathroom freak me out!

Do you use hotel minibars or avoid them like the plague?

I tend to avoid them but sometimes if they aren’t too expensive I may have a beer!

Luxury to one person may not be luxury to another. How do you define it in relation to hotels?

For me it’s all about style and customer service.

Do you generally stay in budget, design, standard or luxury hotels?

I generally mix it up, I like trying new places and as long as it’s clean I will sleep anywhere. Plus, when travelling I think it’s important to consider how long will you actually be spending in your room and if you’re cooped up in a 5* hotel are you really going to get a feel for the country?

Do you prefer boutique or chain properties? 

I like both, boutique for style and personal touches and chains for convenience, price and familiarity.

When staying in a hotel is it important to you that staff use your name or do you prefer a more anonymous stay?

It is nice to be to called my name but sometimes the anonymity of chain hotels can be nice.

Do you ask for an upgrade upon arrival? Do you get it?

I’ve never asked but since I’ve been blogging I often put a comment in the ‘additional comments’ box when booking saying it’s a special occasion or asking if it’s possible for a room with a view etc. I think there’s no harm in asking and sometimes I have been upgraded.

If/when something goes wrong during your stay, do you complain or grin and bear it?

I’m probably a more confident traveller now so it depends on what the problem is, if it’s important and can be rectified yes but if it’s a minor thing then no. /

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