Ragdale Hall, Leicestershire

Ragdale Hall, spa, health hydro, thermal spa, Leicestershire, exterior, building

I love my comfort. I love being warm and cosy and if I could wear my PJs and woolly socks while wrapped in a duvet all day I would. Unfortunately living in pyjamas when you have a job or a life isn’t really doable but I found a place where comfort and pampering is the order of the day and you can wear slippers and a robe without feeling like a slob.

Ragdale Hall in Leicestershire is a health hydro and thermal spa and my idea of Heaven. Guests can stay for a few days in the spacious rooms, suites or lodge or alternatively just visit for the day. The rooms come with all the expected luxuries needed for a relaxing and hassle free few days away and the lodge is perfect for small groups of friends or family who fancy a bit of R&R together.

Laura and I got an early train from St. Pancras which got us to Loughborough at around 8:30am leaving plenty of time to arrive at Ragdale by 9am for check in. After a big welcome from Penny, the guest relations manager, a hot drink, and a fruit, vegetable and wheatgrass shot we were checked in for the day and ready to go.

At Ragdale nobody is in a rush and there’s no one shouting or disturbing the peace in any way. We were booked in for a Refresh and Revive day which included either a facial and back massage or a back massage and hand treatment. Also included was a three course healthy buffet lunch and access to all the pools, relaxation areas and thermal spa.

We changed into our swimsuits and robed up. Before our treatments we spent time in the pool and jacuzzi and I instantly felt relaxed; I had nowhere to go, I had a massage and facial booked for the afternoon, and I was lounging about in a cosy robe in a quiet, peaceful environment. After a few deep breaths I could feel the stress and worry of daily life drift away.

The massage and facial combo, known as Blissful Face and Back Therapy, lasted 50 minutes. The treatment started with a medium pressure Swedish massage to the back, neck and shoulders and finished with a cleansing, toning and moisturising facial. Although I love massages probably more than life itself the facial definitely stood out for me at Ragdale Hall. It was my first ever facial and as my skincare routine is fairly minimal it felt like all the goodness that had been lost over the years was being put back into my skin, and afterwards the therapist gave me a list of recommended products I should use and a routine to stick to.

Ragdale Hall, spa, health hydro, thermal spa, Leicestershire, massage, Refresh and Revive day, Blissful Face and Back Therapy, relax

The thermal spa was phenomenal and not what I was expecting. There were multiple pools, steam rooms, saunas, baths, relaxation rooms and it was by far my favourite part of the day. I really loved the indoor/outdoor waterfall pool which, despite the cold weather, wasn’t cold at all and was actually really refreshing. The Candle Pool was really unique and was lit by flickering candles and a star-lit ceiling. The 34°C water was perfect to just bob about in and it was hard to leave after chilling out in what felt like a warm, private, underwater cave. The scented room was really easy to sit in while the minerals and fresh aromatic herbs got to work whereas the volcanic salt bath and rose sauna were for me a little harder to experience long term. Having said that, I left the salt bath and sauna feeling like my pores and skin had just had their own extreme treatment which left my skin glowing for days after.

Ragdale Hall, spa, health hydro, thermal spa, Leicestershire, The Candle Pool

The Candle Pool

Ragdale Hall, spa, health hydro, thermal spa, Leicestershire, Thermal spa, the indoor outdoor waterfall pool

The indoor/outdoor waterfall pool

Ragdale Hall, spa, health hydro, thermal spa, Leicestershire, Thermal spa room, chairs, seats, robes

Thermal spa

I was only at Ragdale Hall for the day but I imagine those who stay overnight leave horizontal they’re so relaxed. During my time there I just kept thinking how completely necessary it is for the mind and soul to be free from not just busy city life but also the monotony of everyday life we all experience. It was a fantastic way to spend a day and I haven’t felt as calm and stress free since leaving last month. A return visit is definitely on the cards. See you there.

www.ragdalehall.co.uk / @ragdalehallwww.facebook.com/RagdaleHall

 (I was a guest of Ragdale Hall. I didn’t take any of my own photos as I felt it would have been intrusive to the other guests so the photos used in this post belong to Ragdale Hall.)


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