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I’m all for jazzy architecture and innovative designs and I especially like it when a hotel room isn’t just a square. But jazzy architecture and innovative design should immediately stop as soon as you reach the threshold of the bathroom. IMMEDIATELY.

In the last year or so I’ve noticed that the lack of complete privacy afforded to guests in hotel bathrooms has increased dramatically and I don’t ever remember going away with my family as a child and having to tell anyone to keep their eyes to themselves or stay in a certain part of the room while I shower.

I don’t know if this is just a European thing or if I’m a mega prude but at this rate when I’m about to book a hotel I’d appreciate a flashing warning and a 360 degree span of the room informing me as to what I’m about to let myself in for. If you’re sharing a room with a colleague or acquaintance this could be disastrous and if you’re sharing with a boyfriend/girlfriend I can tell you first hand it’s equally as uncomfortable. Especially if it’s the first time you go away together like it was for me. Argh! I didn’t want to see him in the shower or going to the toilet and I definitely didn’t want him seeing me do either. I’m just not sure when or why this all started but I’m up for it ending right now. Who’s with me?

To hammer home the point, observe the following bathrooms I encountered on my recent travels.

Hotel Rival, Stockholm, bathroom, hotel, toilet, window, Sweden, shutters

Hotel Rival, Stockholm

Also known as the ABBA hotel. A lovely hotel with a fantastic cocktail bar, friendly staff and ABBA GOLD on demand. Perfection. And then there’s the bathroom with a window. Granted, with shutters, but shutters can be peeped through.

Ofelias Hotel, Barcelona, bathroom, hotel, toilet, no door, open plan, Spain

Ofelias Hotel, Barcelona

Such a beautiful hotel with a really chilled California beach vibe going on. I loved it. But my boyfriend was under strict instructions to sit on the bed eyes forward watching tv while I showered in this very open plan bathroom.

Qbic, London, bathroom, hotel, toilet, window, England

Qbic London City, London

The bed and bathroom at Qbic London is one big cube and on the bathroom side is a full length clear window so your pal for the night can spy on you doing your business.

B Hotel, Barcelona, bathroom, hotel, toilet, window, shower, Spain

B Hotel, Barcelona

Loved the room at B Hotel and the rooftop pool was ideal, but did I want my boyfriend seeing me shower or going to the toilet because door had no lock and kept swinging open? Double no.

Royal Park Hotel, Budapest, bathroom, hotel, toilet, window, blinds, Hungary

Royal Park Hotel, Budapest

And finally, Royal Park Hotel. Fairly tame compared to the others as long as you remember to close the blinds and your fellow traveller isn’t a peeping Tom.

Although I unfortunately don’t have a picture a special mention must go to the bathrooms in the cabins on board Stena Line’s overnight ferries;  gap under the door of about an inch, full length frosted glass panel, facing a mirror.

These aren’t ideal at the best of times and if you have a strong constitution like me and are rarely sick then it’s fine(ish), but God forbid you get food poisoning and have to come back to one of these bathrooms to rid yourself of the virus. Heavens to murgatroyd I’d rather be buried alive.

I’d love to hear your hotel bathroom stories and any hotels I should give a miss. Leave a comment below.

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