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I adore hotels. I really love them. But what I don’t love is checking out at 11am when my flight isn’t until 9:30pm and having to leave my luggage and traipse around for hours on end just wasting time. I’ve spent many years working in hotels and I know why it’s necessary for there to be an earlyish check out time but it’s just so hugely inconvenient.

During a recent long weekend in Barcelona I was in this exact predicament. Checked out at 11am, flight not until 9:30pm. It was hot, I was sweating, and I was starting a new job the next day so I was a nervous faff, and to top it off my hair needed to be washed and straightened.

So I booked to stay at the four star Ofelias Hotel for a few hours through, a company that allows guests to book rooms in 3, 6, 12, 24, 36 or 48 hour time slots and choose their own check in time. Ideal. website, screen grab, booking, hotels website

Barcelona hotels, website, screen grab, booking, hotels

Barcelona hotels

A fantastic service and a fantastic hotel. After we checked in at 12 and went to the room, we took ourselves off to the rooftop pool and chilled out on big comfy sunbeds under the roaring sun. Later we ordered room service and ate it on our terrace while sipping Spanish wine. I then had a little snooze, showered, and washed and straightened my hair. None of which would have been possible had we dropped our cases with concierge and headed out for the day. I left Ofelias Hotel at 6pm feeling relaxed and rejuvenated, not rushed, stressed about my job, or frazzled from the heat.

Rooftop pool at Ofelias Hotel, Barcelona, sun, Spain

Rooftop pool at Ofelias Hotel

Spanish wine, hotel, Ofelias, Barcelona, deck, sun, drink

Spanish wine

Room service wok tagliatelle, food, Ofelias, hotel, Barcelona, deck, hotel, Spain

Room service wok tagliatelle

The service provides is a little slice of genius for travellers and one I’d happily use again, either to bridge the gap between checking out and flying or during long stopovers. It’s also a great way to use hotel facilities such as a pool for a few of hours (especially in this extreme heat) or if you’re on the road and just need some shut-eye. For me as a hotel blogger offers the perfect way to get the feel of a hotel and to experience the rooms, service and facilities without staying overnight. I’d love to book a suite and get a group of friends together, have a few glasses of champagne, a bite to eat, have our nails and makeup done and get ready for a night the tiles together. In fact, I might just do that.

If you’re arriving on a flight at midnight is makes perfect sense not to have to pay for the previous ten hours when you haven’t even set foot in the room. With you only pay for the hours you actually need and if you need the room until 5pm then that’s ok too; no late checkout fees or storing luggage with concierge for the day, just book the amount of hours and the specific hours and off you go.

The process of booking was incredibly easy and I honestly can’t find any fault in my whole experience. is launching in the main cities in Europe with hotels currently in Amsterdam, Paris, Berlin, London, Milan, Dublin, Brussels and of course Barcelona. Check the website for other destinations as there are also a few in the US and I’m sure more springing up worldwide in the not too distant future. / @byhours / / ByHours app

 (I was a guest of at Ofelias Hotel)

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