The media lounge at Eccleston Square Hotel

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When I hear the words media room I think of a small, dusty, overheated room with hundreds of wires coming from ancient looking servers, and a button used to turn everything off and on again when something goes wrong and nobody knows how else to fix it.

But if you asked for the media room in Eccleston Square Hotel you’d find yourself in a cinema cum bar just off the restaurant with a giant wine fridge, pristine tiled chevron flooring, enough room to seat 12 (or 25 standing), and a 103″ HD TV.

Media lounge, Eccleston Square Hotel, London, 103" TV, HD, 3D, bar, technology, tech

Media lounge

In preparation for Wimbledon I visited the hotel with Laura to watch some of the French Open and to see how impressive it is in reality. The hotel showed the Olympics Opening Ceremony in 3D and they currently have a World Cup package which includes private room hire, a welcome drink, nibbles, and a choice of one of their classic dishes for £25 per person.

When we arrived the barman had the French Open on ready (I emailed in advance to see if it would be possible to watch it there) and he had a table reserved for us. We ordered drinks and food then sat back to watch Tomas Berdych battle Ernests Gulbis in the quarter finals at Roland Garros.

Roland Garros, sport, tennis, Media lounge, Eccleston Square Hotel, London, 103" TV, HD, 3D, bar, technology, tech

Roland Garros

Media lounge, Eccleston Square Hotel, London, 103" TV, HD, 3D, bar, technology, tech, seats

103″ HD TV

Wine fridge, Media lounge, Eccleston Square Hotel, London, bar, drinks

Wine fridge

We ordered nachos and vegetable tempura to accompany the evening just as a quick snack from the bar menu, and although they didn’t blow me away they filled a gap as we watched the match. Bar food generally isn’t the best a hotel has to offer anyway so I have higher hopes for the a la carte menu.

Nachos and vegetable tempura, food, bar, Media lounge, Eccleston Square Hotel, London

Nachos and vegetable tempura

We chatted as the match progressed until two guys came in, ordered a round of gin and tonics and switched over to the cricket (“You don’t mind, do you ladies?”). We did mind but the kind man behind the bar who welcomed us had gone on his break or finished for the day leaving behind a colleague who mustn’t have known we emailed ahead to guarantee the tennis would be on.

Eccleston Square is not only hi-tech and ahead of the game in the media lounge, the technology theme can be found all over the hotel in the rooms, lifts, and bathrooms. (I wrote an article about hi-tech hotels in which Eccleston Square features, read it here).

Anything to do with technology I really love so the media lounge in Eccleston Square is right up my street. And I like it even more knowing it’s a feature not all hotels have and something they use to put on unique events and evenings. The media lounge is a great space with a hugely impressive screen; I would love to hire it for a private function or just spend more time there watching other sporting events as there’s a exclusive feeling about the place and your next drink is never too far away. Check it out for yourself.

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