Cocktails at The Marker Hotel, Dublin

Marker hotel, Dublin, Cocktail

There is nothing worse than standard, unimaginative cocktails out of a bottle. They’re artificial, high in E numbers and low in enjoyment. And if that’s what you’re looking for don’t go to The Marker Hotel in Dublin because their cocktail menu has offerings any cocktail connoisseur would die for.

While in Dublin for Christmas I dropped in to check out The Marker’s new cocktail menu created by Michael, the head cocktail bartender at The Marker Bar. The menu has a highly creative and extensive list of exciting and out of the ordinary combinations, shaken and presented to a five star standard. There’s something for everyone on their drinks menu but if you fancy a cosmo or any of the other old reliables they’ll create them especially for you and to your liking.

As a huge fan of vanilla, vodka, and honey I went for Spicy Fifty, which in addition to these flavours also has elderflower, lime and chilli in the mix.

Marker hotel, Dublin, Cocktail

Spicy Fifty

The sweet honey, elderflower and vanilla flavours in Spicy Fifty blend fantastically with the chilli and lime but stand their own and are not overpowered by the stronger flavours. With every sip each ingredient can be tasted and recognised. Delicious.

Next up, although I only had a few sips of this as it wasn’t mine, Robins Way.

Marker hotel, Dublin, Cocktail

Robins Way – Redbreast 12 years, ruby port, apple juice, plum and orange bitters.

The menu says this cocktail balances the smoothness of an Irish pot still whiskey with a full bodied red wine, and is accompanied with fruit flavours of orange and plum bitters. It’s a beautiful twist on a comforting glass of red with the added flavours creating a very drinkable and warming cocktail.

Marker hotel, Dublin, Cocktail

Brandy Crusta – Hennessy V.S, Grand Marnier, Maraschino, lemon juice, bitters.

And finally, Brandy Crusta; a classic from Jerry Thomas’ 1862 publication ‘Bartender’s Guide’ and described in the menu as “A revolutionary cocktail that paved the way for classic cocktails such as the sidecar, white lady and margarita.” What more could you ask for? A definite must for any and every cocktail menu although this is the first place I’ve seen it. At The Marker the Brandy Crusta is presented in a sugar coated rimmed glass with a rose made out of lemon peel which complements the colour of the cocktail.

Preparation of each cocktail is considered vital at The Marker, from icing the glassware and ensuring the correct balance of ingredients, to zesting the drink and bringing the it alive while appealing to the senses. The Marker Bar’s offerings are drinkable pieces of art with hours of thought and creativity poured into each one.

The above three cocktails are €13.50 each and worth every penny. Along with the drinks you get a selection of moreish bar snacks to share (or not) with your company.

Like many new hotels The Marker has a rooftop bar with views across the city. It’s open to the public but can also be hired on an exclusive use basis for private functions and would provide an amazing backdrop to any party, celebration, and event.

If you’re looking for something a bit different and slightly more up market than the average cocktail bar, perhaps somewhere you can bring a group of people where there will be something for everyone on the menu, The Marker Hotel is your man. / @themarkerhotel /

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